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Buyer Frequently Asked Questions:

What payment options do you accept?
Names For Sale -
We prefer to use and to protect both parties in the name transaction. accepts all major credit cards for purchases up to $5,000 USD and accepts wire transfers for purchases greater than $5,000 USD. requires a wire transfer for each transaction. However, due to new, US Government verification requirements, we can issue you an invoice for the domain name, then you make payment to Edgeware Inc. via check or wire transfer; finally, upon receipt of funds, we will transfer the domain name to your preferred Registrar Account. 

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We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards.  Call us to discuss your specific needs.

Why do you prefer an escrow service for your name sales transactions?  

Using an escrow service for a name transaction is the best way to protect both parties in the transaction.

Who pays the standard escrow transaction fee?  

The seller is responsible for Standard escrow transaction fees when using, unless you cancel the transaction after funds have been submitted.  In the unlikely event of a cancellation (after funds are received at the escrow service), or the rejection of a domain name, the Buyer is responsible for the escrow fees regardless of whomever (Seller, Buyer or Broker) is set up to pay the escrow fee.

Who pays the Concierge Transaction Fee?

If the buyer chooses to upgrade to the Concierge Level Transaction at, then the Concierge Transaction Fees are split evenly between the Seller and the Buyer. 

Can I Make An Offer?  With a Buy It Now Button, the lowest acceptable price is being offered.  Check out Make An Offer for more information.

What am I really buying when I purchase a name?  

You are buying the right to register the name for an annual fee.

What is a domain name registrar?  

A domain name registrar manages the domain name rights.

Can I trade you a name for one on your website?  

Yes, use the Contact Page Form.

How often are new names added?  

We list names as we acquire them or become The Name Seller Agent for a name.

Buying a domain name protected by trademark rights.  

It is the buyer's responsibility to determine whether their desired domain name is subject to trademark or intellectual property protection.  Consult appropriate counsel.

Can I hire a Buyer's Agent to help me acquire an unlisted domain name or a domain name listed for sale elsewhere?  

Yes, visit our Name Buyer page.

Can I return a name recently purchased?  

All sales are final.  We would be happy to represent you and list your name for sale at

Are there future costs associated with domain ownership?  

Yes, each domain name will have a renewal fee with your registrar, typically an annual fee but less often if you purchase mulitple years.  Domain name registration renewals are the responsibility of the registrant.

I have another question.

Contact us and we will get right back to you.