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Payment Options for Names For Sale:


We prefer to use and to protect all parties in the domain name transaction. accepts all major credit cards for purchases up to $ 5,000 USD and accepts wire transfers for purchases greater than $ 5,000 USD. requires payment via wire transfer.  All of our transactions involve a reputable third party, escrow service.  Your funds are released only after you have successfully taken control of your new domain name.

If paying by wire transfer, payment must begin within 3 days of the start of the escrow process.  The Name Transfer Process is controlled by the Registrar holding the name and with our Names For Sale it usually takes 7 to 10 business days.  For example, if the name you are purchasing is located at GoDaddy, having your new name transferred to a GoDaddy Account will significantly speed up the transfer process.

The Escrow Process:

Step One - You select the Buy It Now Button* and start the escrow process by completing your contact information.  Buyer and Seller agree to the terms of the transaction. Then you submit payment to a reputable third party escrow service.

Step Two - The Seller transfers the domain name rights to the Buyers Registrar Account.  Buyer pays the Registrar an annual fee to retain your rights to the domain name.

Step Three - Buyer confirms the transfer and the escrow service releases the funds to the Seller and/or Edgeware Inc., parent of

Cancellation Of An Escrow Transaction:

In the unlikely event of a cancellation (after funds are received at the escrow service), or the rejection of a domain name, the Buyer is responsible for the escrow fee regardless of whomever (Seller, Buyer or Broker) is set up to pay the escrow fee.

* Duplicate Buy It Now Purchases:

In the unlikely event that two parties purchase the same Name via the Buy It Now Button on the website, the first party to initiate the purchase via the Buy It Now Button will have priority for the Name.  If any escrow fees occur to the second-place party, will reimburse the second-place party for all escrow fees, but we will not reimburse the second-place party for any other fees and expenses.

Invoice Me

We prefer to use an escrow service; however, due to new, US Government Verification Requirements, we can issue you an invoice for the domain name, then you make payment to Edgeware Inc. via check or wire transfer, finally upon receipt of funds we will transfer the domain name to your preferred Registrar Account.

Payment Options for Buyer's Agent, Stealth Buyer and Seller's Agent:

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards.  Call us to discuss your specific needs.