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Sales Page

The Sales Page by NameGent has a $ 10 USD Page Creation Fee and includes:

- A clean domain name Sales Landing Page
- Seller determines the price
- All domain names are accepted*
- A Buy It Now button
- Seller pays the Concierge Fee (2% to 6.5%)
- Upon a sale, NameGent is paid a $ 199 USD Agent Fee

Your Sales Page is created within 1 day (sample page: and you receive an email with your Sales Page Web Address.  You forward your domain name to your new Sales Page (some registrars charge for forwarding).  Your domain name now has it's own Sales Page.  Premium names may also be rotated through our "Names For Sale" page.

Concierge Estimated Fees:

Transactions less than $ 5,000 USD have a Concierge Fee of about 6.5%.
Transactions $ 5,000 to $ 25,000 USD have a Concierge Fee of about 3%.
Transactions of $ 25, 000 USD or more have a Concierge Fee of about 2%.

* Except Domain Names that have clear Trademark Issues.

Sales Page Creation Fee

$10 USD Per Domain Name**

** By paying the $10 USD Sales Page Creation Fee and upon a sale, you agree to pay Namegent / Edgeware Inc. a $199 USD Broker Fee, which is automatically deducted from your sale price.  You can add more than 1 Domain Name and Your Price within the shopping cart.

Change Request:

You have 7 days from completion of the Sales Page to make any changes.  After 7 days, all change requests are $ 5 USD

Sales Page Change Request

$ 5 USD