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Country Extensions Adviser:

As of October 2018, their are approximately 266 Country Extensions (ccTLDs or Country Code Top Level Domain Names) that publish registration data with the two largest ccTLDs being .cn (Estimated at 22.7 Million Domains Registered) and .tk (Estimated at 21.5 Million Domain Names Registered). By comparison, their are 137.6 Million .com Domain Names Registered.

Repurposed ccTLDs that are marketed as generic TLDs include .co, .me, .io, .tk and .tv  
The most recent data has .co at 2 Million Registrations, while .me, .io and .tv data is not available but are estimated to be well below 1 Million Domain Names per TLD.  

The pros and cons of a standard or repurposed country extension domain name for your business, product or service is a $ 149 USD Per 30 Minutes Adviser Fee.

10 Minute Country Extension Adviser

$ 50 USD

30 Minute Country Extension Adviser

$ 149 USD

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